How To Backup Your Joomla Website

Backing up your Joomla website is important, and you should always backup your Joomla site before you upgrade Joomla, or add a new extension. With a backup of Joomla, you’ll have the option to restore your site to the previous working condition if anything goes wrong with your upgrade or your modifications.

How To Backup Joomla Website

How To Easily Backup Your Site

With a cPanel web hosting account, you can do your site backups very easily with the “Backups” tool found in your cPanel area. However, if the account is too large for the full automatic backup, then you should backup your site manually.

In this case, you’ll need to know that there are 2 parts to your Joomla website: the Joomla files, and the Joomla database.

How To Backup Joomla Files

To backup your Joomla files to your computer, use an FTP client, connect to your website, then download your entire Joomla folder to your computer.

How to Backup Joomla Database

If you’re on a web hosting plan that uses cPanel, then backing up your database is really easy. You just need to access the phpMyAdmin tool in your cPanel area.

Once in phpMyAdmin, the top left corner of the screen contains a drop-down menu that shows the databases that you have. From that list, select your Joomla database. Once done, phpMyAdmin will load a new page, showing the selected database.

Next, locate the “Export” tab on the new horizontal menu across the page, and click on it. On this page, you’ll want to check the “Save as file” option. This will save the database as a file (in .sql format) that you can download to your computer. Also make sure that you check the “Add DROP TABLE” option. This option will make sure that there’s no conflicts if you’re trying to restore to an existing database.

You’re all set. Just click on the “Go” button to start the export/backup process. Depending on your browser settings, you’ll either be prompted about where to save the file, or your browser will automatically download the file to your default downloads folder.

How To Restore a Joomla Backup

With the backup properly done, restoration is a piece of cake. Simply follow the steps below to restore your Joomla site.

How To Restore Joomla Files

Restoration of your Joomla files is done with your FTP client. Simply upload your backed up copy to your web hosting account, overwriting whatever files are there online.

How to Restore Joomla Database

Your Joomla database is backed up, by default, in a .sql file. Make sure you have this file before continuing. To restore or import a database via phpMyAdmin, you’ll need to first choose the database you’ll be importing data into from the drop-down menu on the left. Once done, click the “Import” tab. Then click on the “Browse” button to find the .sql file on your computer. If you are not using a different character set, or if you aren’t sure about which character set to use, just use the default one. Click on the “Go” button at the bottom right to start the process and a notification will be shown when the import has been successful.

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