How To Bulk Import Posts From CSV in WordPress

If you have an existing website that you’d like to port to WordPress, a good way to import data is with the CSV Importer plugin. Just search for it through your admin panel, and you should be able to find it. It’s a pretty simple-looking tool, but will save you HOURS of your time. I’ve tried other CSV plugins that seemed to have more versions, and more active development, with higher ratings, but the CSV Importer was ultimately the only plugin that worked for me.

How To Bulk Import Posts From CSV in WordPress

Note that this is different from the bulk import tool found in WordPress. Those are great if you are migrating from the listed content platforms (such as Blogger, LiveJournal, etc), but if you have your own custom website, or custom data, then CSV is probably the only way to go, as it’s a generic file format that almost every application can support.

wordpress csv importer bulk import posts

What the CSV Importer plugin does is simple: it’ll take a CSV file full of data (that you exported from your existing website’s database), and import each row as a new post into your new WordPress website. What you need is a CSV file with the right headers. Make sure you’ve got either csv_post_title, csv_post_post or csv_post_excerpt, and it’ll be sufficient to create a post. If all of these columns are empty in a row, the plugin will skip that row. Read more information about CSV Importer here.

I found that my data was very messy, so I opted to have all my data created in one default category. Then, I used another plugin (the Bulk Move plugin), to move all the posts created into a category that I wanted.


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