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How To Change Multiple MySQL Tables’ Collation At Once In Bulk

Using PHPMyAdmin to change table collations is a tedious task because you have to change each table one-by-one. In order to change ALL the tables’ collations at once, you’ll need to use a PHP script to help you. The following code does the trick: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [...]

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How To Move OpenCart Folder (Change OpenCart’s Installed Location)

How To Move OpenCart (Change OpenCart's Installed Location)

Let’s assume that you’ve installed OpenCart at http://www.YourDomain.com/Shop/ and you want to move it to http://www.YourDomain.com/ now. To make this change and move OpenCart from folder to folder, you’ll need to edit the following two files: http://www.domain/Shop/config.php and http://www.domain/Shop/admin/config.php You’ll find many lines in the two files that look like this: define(‘HTTP_SERVER’, ‘http://www.YourDomain.com/shop/’); Simply change [...]

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How To Secure Joomla Site Against Attacks

Joomla, being a very popular open-source software, is very vulnerable to hacks and attacks. If you’re a Joomla site owner, then you should practice the following security measures to protect and secure your Joomla site. 1. Change the Default Table Prefix of Your Joomla Database Changing the default table prefix will stop the majority of [...]

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