Why Use Magento to Create e-Commerce Websites

Two of the CMS software that are feature-rich and highly functional are Joomla and WordPress. However, if you need a specialised e-Commerce script that is full-featured and powerful, Magento might be a good option for you.

Why Use Magento to Create e-Commerce Websites

About Magento

Initially created in March 2001, Magento has been a huge hit amongst web developers. This is because Magento came with a lot of features that make it highly customizable. In fact, Magento was used by companies such as The North Face, VIZIO, Paul Smith and many others. If you are interested to get this script, you should know that Magento comes with the Community and Enterprise Version. One of it is free while the other is a paid solution. The Community Edition is an open-source offering by the company, and does not come with support, so it is more suitable for companies that are comfortable with spending time and effort solving issues independently.

Why Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular e-Commerace scripts around, with the most advanced features inside it. Suffice to say, most of the basic features that you would expect from an e-Commerce script is available in Magento. Some of the features available in Magento include allowing your customers to send gift cards, having multiple shipping and payment options, a RMA process, including customer reviews on your products, and many more. Should you need anything more, Magento supports extensions too, so you can either buy extensions that further add to the features of Magento. As a last resort, you might even want to consider hiring a programmer to develop your own Magento extensions. That would be an easy thing to do, considering that Magento is already a well-known software, and there are a lot of Magento developers around.

Limitation/Requirement of Magento

While Magento is a good software, it consumes far more resources as compared with your average website, such as a website running WordPress. The shared hosting accounts offered by hosting providers do not have the computational power that is required by Magento. Our recommendation would be to go with Magento-supported hosting packages, such as a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan.

If you are very serious about your online store, then consider investing on a dedicated server. It allows you to make your Magento installation more secure as you have the server all to yourself. In most cases, you will need to spend some money on some add-ons or themes. The problem here is that most of them can be quite expensive.

Conclusion – Is Magento Worth A Try?

Magento is a very powerful script that you can use to create an entire e-Commerce website. However, like any e-Commerce script, be prepared to spend some money on the add-ons or themes. This is because you will definitely need at least one or two of these to get your website up and running properly the way you want it.

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