WordPress – Free and Easy Way To Create Any Type of Website

If you’re a person who’s not technically trained, and needs to create a website by yourself, then the last thing that you want to do is to code it by yourself. Chances are, you will use some content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress to do the heavy work for you. Why? Simply because they work well and are flexible enough to allow you to be able to create almost all types of websites. In fact, we highly recommend that you first try WordPress before any other CMS. This is because chances are that WordPress can do the job easily and efficiently. If you are still not convinced, read on.

WordPress - Free and Easy Way To Create Any Type of Website

1. Fast and easy installation

WordPress is well-known for many things – one such point is their five-minute installation process. Everything is simplified and automated as much as possible – from creating the database to having a workable website – so that you can do all of this in less than five minutes. In fact, if you have all the details ready, it takes less than 45 seconds. This allows you to jump in and focus on the more important aspects of the website such as the design and content. It is also worth noting that WordPress works with almost all servers that can run PHP and MySQL. This is also another factor that makes WordPress highly appealing, since a large majority of commercial web hosting providers support this. Some web hosts, like Vodien, provide Softaculous, which makes the WordPress installation even faster and simpler.

2. Lightweight – Run WordPress on any web hosting plan

While the most lightweight solution would be to have a website made completely out of HTML (a static website), WordPress is just as lightweight on the resources as well, and with the right plugins, can emulate a static website too. In fact, out of the box, WordPress consumes a small amount of storage space and doesn’t use much processing power either. With plugins such as WP Super Cache around, you can make your website even more lightweight as well, because it creates static pages instead of having to constantly run database queries. However, be sure not to mess around with a lot of plug-ins at the same time, because this may cause conflicts, and poor website performance. Use only those plug-ins that you really need.

3. Highly versatile – Develop any website with WordPress

Have you seen the power of WordPress? With the right WordPress plugins and themes, you can create just about any kinds of website through WordPress. For example, you can create an eCommerce website through a plug-in such as WooCommerce, or a social network through the likes of BuddyPress. There are many websites that you can go to get WordPress themes and plugins, and they can be very useful for just about any WordPress user.

4. Active community

WordPress is used by millions of websites around the world. There are also hundreds of thousands of people that work with WordPress every day. Some of these people are highly active in the WordPress support community and are enthusiastic in helping out with technical support as well. So if you have a question that needs answering, there’s a very high chance that the WordPress community can help you with it.

5. Free

Last but not least, the main reason to go with WordPress is no other than to save costs. WordPress is a free solution and there are a lot of plugins and themes available for free as well. Hosting is straightforward and the combination of PHP and MySQL needed to run WordPress is supported by the majority of web hosting providers. Unless what you need is a highly complex website, we don’t see a reason not to try WordPress in the first place.

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